Questions to Ask Commercial Cleaning Companies


It’s no secret that your business relies on appearances for success. Your visitors and customers must be impressed with their experience. In other words, you must invest in keeping your office clean and well-maintained. One good news is that there quality commercial cleaning services available to you. Before hiring those services, make sure you know what’s you’re getting into. Manage your expectations ahead of time. Below are the questions to ask your local cleaners before hiring them!

Learn What You Can Ask Your Commercial Cleaners in Jackson, MS

Will the same cleaner continually clean my office?

Not only do you want a steady stream of new people in and out of your office, but also a long-term cleaner will understand your office and specific needs; hence, deliver a more responsive clean. Most companies have highly trained cleaners who can clean your office if your regular cleaner is sick or not available. You mustn’t have a continual parade of new faces. Established companies will keep and hire skilled individuals.

Learn What You Can Ask Your Commercial Cleaners in Jackson, MS

What kind of quality control checks do you utilize?

Often, the gold standard for quality control in the commercial cleaning industry is janitorial inspections. Janitorial inspections will bridge the gap between a cleaning company and facility manager. Established companies not only make use of janitorial inspections, but they also use reporting, software, and apps to communicate the crucial information gathered from inspections and convey them to the right people to adjust your service or handle a problem quickly.


What kind of green cleaning program do you use?

With green cleaning, its main focus on safety, health, environmental responsibility, and sustainability. Basic green clean practices will include things like chemical labeling, disposal, and storage. Every commercial cleaning company must offer this, but it’s surprising how many neglects these practices. Green practices will include limiting the disposal of plastic trash liners by reusing them if they’re not solid with liquid and food and are intact. This limits the amount of plastic trash your office generates.

Ask Your Commercial Cleaners in Jackson, MS

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